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5 Top Reasons Why We Must Move From Excel to CRM

When you start a business, Excel is like that topper friend from high school.

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Second Home Or Holiday Homes: A Perfect Balance of Luxury and Rejuvenate

As summer continues to be unbearable across many parts of the country, holiday homes are gaining momentum with people flocking to Hill Stations to escape the choking, polluted, and chaotic city life and residing in a serene space in the Lap of Nature. Covid-19 cases are declining, travel is on the rise..

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Metaverse - Let's explore further?

Unless you've been living under a rock (sorry Patrick), you surely would've been in the loop about these latest stellar developments in technology.

The Matrix is beginning, guys, but not like the way you think.
And what has real estate got to do with it? After all, it's called "Real" Estate, right!

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Benefits of Investing in Plots in India - By Investors Clinic

Investing in land has always been a popular option in India. Many villagers, people from small cities or even farmers own a large amount of land in different parts of India. It has been the most popular option due to its less investment cost and high return of investment. The idea to invest in land is to build someth..

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The 7 Best Reasons to Choose a Career in Real Estate

For many people, real estate is not just a career, it’s a passion and a way of life. While the industry is on the path to becoming a promising sector of the Indian economy, it requires a total of 75 million people by 2022. A career in real estate industry can be empowering, with significant opportunities for perso..

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